Let us help you work safely during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

HAKI scaffolding systems, access solutions, and weather protection are renowned for their efficiency and safety. Arguably, now more than ever, safer workplaces are at the forefront of minds around the world due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, with employers and employees striving to protect the well-being of themselves and others.

Solutions that protect

Whether you are trying to implement a one-way system on a construction site, or a adapting a public space for crowd management, HAKI can help.

Our products can be applied to change the way people work or operate to reduce the risks associated with COVID-19, without significantly disrupting the overall environment.

  • Time on site is reduced, due to the quick of erection / dismantling of HAKI systems.
  • Contact between scaffolders is minimised. HAKI systems use minimal components in comparison to traditional scaffolding and some other systems.
  • Social distancing guidelines can be easily followed in most cases, during erection and dismantling, by using HAKI’s lightweight systems in accordance to installation guidelines.
  • Logistics staff are less exposed to risk. Fewer transport of loads are required due to the reduced number of components (versus tube and fitting) and can be adapted for multiple solutions.
  • Operating policies can be easily adhered to on busy sites, by utilising engineered solutions from HAKI. Click here to view relevant products.

You can be assured that the products and solution provided will deliver the utmost in quality and safety standards.

  • All HAKI components are manufactured in accordance with EN 12810 and EN 12811 using ultra-modern, high-tech robotic machinery. There is currently restricted access to manufacturing facilities and social distancing between our production staff to ensure risk of spread is reduced within our operations.
  • Our in-house team of designers, engineers, and technicians have the capability and expertise to ensure right-first-time solutions, through use of tools like HAKI BIM. They are working remote where possible during the outbreak.
  • Where necessary, technical support can be delivered on-site to ensure compliant assembly of solutions, following COVID-19 safety precautions and individual site policies.

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Related products

HAKI Stair Tower

Guidance has been issued by numerous construction bodies, recommending one-way systems on construction sites to aid social distancing and reduce the potential spread of coronavirus. The HAKI Stair Tower, famous for its speed of erection, safety features and market-leading strength (4kN/m2), is the answer to this.

Compatible with the HAKI Universal scaffolding system and traditional tube and fitting, stair towers can be added to structures or tied into existing buildings to provide safe access and egress around sites.

HAKI Cladding can be used as screening between up and down routes and larger landings can be implemented to allow passing if needed.

The HAKI Compact Stair Tower can also be used where space is limited. It has a smaller footprint and can handle loadings of up to 1kN/m2.

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HAKI Public Access Stair (PAS) and Bridge System (HBS)

Like the HAKI Stair Tower, the Public Access Stair (PAS) can be used in public spaces like railway and bus stations, schools, and events, to complement one-way systems.

The robust stair has a heavy loading capacity of 7.5kN/m2 so can handle up heavy footfall of up to approximately 36 per lift. Child-safe handrails, solid slip-resistant treads, and cladding to the stair also add extra safety benefits.

Alongside the PAS, the HAKI Bridge System also provides safe temporary pedestrian access for heavy footfalls. The HBS can be used with the PAS to support separation of the public during COVID-19.

The HBS is well-known in the market for it’s quick and safe installation methods, built from safe scaffolder zones and being rolled-out into position. This helps significantly reduce possession times of rail and road.

HAKI Cladding System can be used to enclose the temporary bridge to reduce the risk of falling objects and falls from height.

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HAKI Universal

The HAKI Universal scaffolding offers advanced adaptability and time- and cost-savings during erection, through a unique ‘hook-on’ assembly and lightweight components. The strength of components and secure locking-mechanisms also ensure that temporary structures are safe for both public and operative use – ideal for event platforms to maintain social distancing.

HAKITEC Roof and Shelter

Offering durable weather protection, the HAKITEC range protects operations from disruptive weather conditions and offers temporary shelter for crowd management.

Easy and quick to assemble in-situ or through roll-out or craning into position, the roof can cover spans of up to 30m and be adapted to all types of buildings or construction sites.

HAKITEC shelters offer further portability for controlled environments, by wheeling into position.

Vertical containment can also be included in the solution to offer temporary buildings.

COVID-19 use examples:

  • Health / COVID testing shelters
  • Temporary classrooms
  • Outdoor canteens or social spaces

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